Where's your Mr. Right Melbourne?

June 14, 2016

Where's your Mr. Right Melbourne?

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So, you’ve finally had it with the mundane, monotonous encounters that somehow seem to be unavoidable. You know, the ones that leave you questioning whether there really is such a thing as a “Mr. Right”. All you really want is a man who can attend to your needs, somebody to make you & your body feel good. A man who understands what it means to please, doing all the right things, touching all the right places. Just somebody who can give you what you want, the way you want it. Well, maybe you’ve been asking for a little too much, and fantasies are meant to remain just that. Maybe you should lower your standards & settle for a “Mr. Good Enough”.

OR, you could thank the gods you’ve found us. Take a scroll through our elite selection of exotic Melbourne male escorts. Madesco provides a catalogue of some of the yummiest, most attractive men the city has to offer, posing provocatively for your eyes only. In fact, we can guarantee that you will find a Madesco escort to satisfy your appetite. Whatever your palette desires, we promise to provide professional & passionate male escort ready & committed to pleasing you. The variety of straight, gay & bisexual male escorts is willing to quell the cravings of your body & attend to your deepest desires. Madesco escorts are experienced in the art of providing release for the body & mind through sexual interaction, with a profound comprehension of the significant level of discretion necessary to ensure the sustained satisfaction of our clientele.

Take a moment to imagine having a parade of sexy, strapping & irresistible model Melbourne escorts for you to make a selection. The male escorts of Melbourne definitely do pose some difficulty in deciding on your personal pick, but once you’ve made a decision you’ll be sure to receive all that you were expecting & even beyond. We have a reputable reputation amongst our corporate clientele, Madesco places infinite importance on customer satisfaction.

You are sure to be captivated by the amazing attractions of the city, from adventure parks & art galleries in Geelong, to the Melbourne Zoo in Brunswick. Take in the stunning city views over cocktails or take a stroll along the harbor in Docklands. Having an intriguing & handsome Madesco escort along will definitely enhance your enjoyment of these experiences. He understands the simplicity in the human need to feel understood & wanted, & if that happens to transcend to the steamy escapades of the bedroom, so be it.

With that said, give us a call at 1300558766. Our professional & friendly hotline agents are willing & able to answer any questions you may have & ready to guide you through our simple booking process. & our agents will see to it that booking is completed in a seamless & swift manner, with sincere secrecy & loyalty. Your Melbourne male escort will come to meet you once the process is completed & the rest, well that is between you & yours. Enjoy!

Madesco Signature Club

August 09, 2014

Madesco is the largest premium escort service provider in all Australia.

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Madesco Signature Club Members Get The Best

Madesco is the largest premium escort service provider in all Australia. It has a widespread reputation for its high-end clientele and services of exceptional quality. Madesco introduces its Signature Club for you to enjoy an array of exclusive features under four different tiers. Be part of the Madesco Signature club and get the most out of your experience in the world of luxury escorts. Choose the tier that matches your preference at four different prices. Each tier is made with different features available to fit your needs best. Irrespective of the tier you pick, you are entitled to receive a member magazine, a special offer on your birthday, and more, once you register at Madesco Signature Club. Get a higher tier to receive premium features such as club rate discounts, priority waitlists and global celebrity parties. Sign up for a Madesco Signature Club membership today and enjoy the luxe of being a part of the fastest growing escort network in the world.

The four different tiers of Madesco Signature Club are Black, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Black is the highest tier followed by Platinum, Gold and Silver respectively. Currently the four tiers are priced as follows.

  • Black - $5850
  • Platinum - $3550
  • Gold - $2050
  • Silver - $1000

Silver tier comes with features such as Birthday Specials, Access to Signature Partnership Offers, Collect Credit Points, Redeem Credit Points, Member Magazine, Special VIP treatment and specially Access to the exclusive “Members only” facilities.

Pick the Gold tier if you want to entitle to enjoy additional features such as Member Only Promotions and Priority Bookings.

Platinum tier offers you an array of more premium features including access to Over 150 Clubs Globally, Complimentary Partner Memberships, Free Driver Pickup/Drop-off, Club Rate Discounts, Priority Waitlist, Exclusive Events For Selected Members            , Bonus Earnings on Top of CreditPoints and Dedicated 1300 Signature Service Number.

If you want to enjoy the ultimate full package of Madesco Signature Club, register with the Black tier. It offers you all the features of the three lower tiers plus more additional exclusive features. Enjoy exclusive Black tier “member’s only” features such as Global Celebrity Parties and Global Red Carpet events.

Experience the air of being in an elite crowd as a valued member. Madesco offers you the best for what you pay. Join the Madesco Signature Club now to receive your exclusive membership card.


Madesco Escorts Expanding

August 09, 2014

Madesco Escorts Expanding To Overseas Locations

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Madesco Escorts Expanding To Overseas Locations, Add Your Listing Now

Madesco has been the premium escort service provider in the Australian continent for the last couple of years. It has a large clientele consisting of high-end, elite customers from different parts of the world. Madesco has expanded its reach to every nook and corner in Australia in such a short spell and now it is looking forward to expanding its business operations to new horizons. Read along to learn more about Madesco. Join us to trek in the path of success.

Madesco is the largest escort services provider in Australia. It boasts the largest network of escorts and elite clients in the continent. Madesco has earned a very remarkable reputation for its high quality luxury services. Its image is unblemished. Thousands of customers have placed their trust on Madesco for securing their privacy at all times. Escorts of Madesco are all carefully handpicked and professionally trained in what they do. Madesco employs luxury straight, gay, bisexual and lesbian escorts to match with the preference of clients.

Add your listings now to join with Madesco to embark on your journey to ultimate success. Make this opportunity the turning point in your business. It has an outstanding 5/5 rating on www.truelocal.com.au with great customer reviews. From escort service and model photography, we have widened our business scope into advertising associated businesses. A large number of partners have enlisted with Madesco to provide their products and services of various disciplines such as mobile and telecommunication, hotel suits, transportation and cosmetics to luxury customers and escorts of Madesco. Major strength of Madesco is its massive clientele spread all across the world.

If you are driven with passion to follow a career that truly rewards, join us now. Our escorts earn multiple figure incomes compared to other escort service employees. This is largely owed to the image and reputation of the company for providing high quality satisfactory escort services to elite customers. You can easily create your own profile on Madesco online gallery at very affordable rates and update it whenever you want, as you wish. Our customer care line is operational 24/7 and offer a friendly customer experience. Plan your future with Madesco. Picking up a career at an escort agency might sound a little off beat. But we promise you that Madesco is different from what you expect. Enlist now to stride with us to a prosperous future.

Canberra Female Escorts

August 09, 2014

select a mind blowing girl from a bunch of extraordinarily attractive females.

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Canberra Female Escorts

Imagine a chance given to you to select a mind blowing girl from a bunch of extraordinarily attractive females. There are blondes, brunettes, petites, busty types and hourglass figures. Which one would you go for?

Check our Madesco online female escorts gallery. We promise you a hard time of choices, unable to decide which one to pick. We have the best female escorts in Canberra. There is nothing that can prove us wrong. Our luxury female escorts fetch highest prices in all Australia. They are super models where many of them are rated double as many of the models in Canberra. They are breathtakingly beautiful, trained to offer best service to their elite clientele and keep the relationship in absolute secrecy forever.

Planning a visit or a stay in Canberra? Welcome to the city of nymph angels, never ending night life and best hotel suits. Take a high class escort with you to wherever you go. Let her take care of your wildest, untold passions. Our ladies are masters of Kama Sutra. You will not realize the height of excitement until one of our nymphomaniacs shows it to you. Enjoy the best moments in your life with a real Canberra woman. Tell her your desires and she will do the rest. We know how depressed and alone you could feel at times. Sometimes it’s not really sex that you want, but someone to share your feelings with. We assure you that you can find that special someone at a glance once you open up and start to go through our online gallery. Pick your beautiful companion and place a call to confirm the booking.

Feel free to call us anytime on our 24/7 line. Our truly friendly customer care service will guide you through the booking process in minutes. It’s really easy and you don’t have to answer a hundred questions to schedule an appointment. Once the booking is completed and confirmed, our female escort will visit you at your doorstep. Your privacy and secrecy of this relationship are two of our top most concerns at Madesco. We have maintained our reputation among thousands of our elite clients through high quality service and guaranteed confidentiality. We are dedicated to serve you promptly. Let Madesco help you realize your untold dreams. Place a call to start your booking now. Enjoy your stay in Canberra with Madesco.

Advertise with us!

August 09, 2014

Advertise Your Service With Madesco Escorts

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Advertise Your Service With Madesco Escorts

Have you been looking for a place to advertise your exclusive service packages to gain more customers? We have a perfect solution for you.

Why Madesco?

Truly, why should you choose Madesco to advertise your services? Let us tell you why.

Madesco boasts the largest escort network in Australia. It has a large clientele, specially a top class elite customer base. Madesco has maintained its reputation for high quality services and for securing the privacy of the customers. We have an outstanding 5/5 rating on www.truelocal.com.au with great customer reviews. You cannot go unseen with your advertisement featured on Madesco.

In fact, we believe in shared values than standing alone in the business world. Therefore we expanded our business into other areas such as promoting transportation services, cosmetics, hotel services, mobile and communication services etc. We share our web space with suppliers and partners allowing them to advertise on our websites. We feature them and their products and services at very reasonable rates. Boost your sales with Madesco. We give you the guarantee for the highest number of views and potential buyers. Attract new customers from all over the continent and trek in the success path of the business arena. Let us be a part of your success story.

Through regular updates and search engine optimization we give you the assurance of placing your advertisements directly right in front of the customer’s eyes, by always keeping track of what they search online. Our creative and dedicated marketing team engages in continuous and innovative marketing strategies to attract more and more new customers.  For escort services associated businesses, there isn’t a better opportunity to gain the attention of a luxurious clientele. Enroll now with Madesco to experience the real power and high returns of advertising with the largest escorts network in the continent.

Feel free to contact us on our 24/7 line. We are excited to join hands with you to be partners of your success. Give a new boom to your business with Madesco. With an effective marketing strategy, you can take your business a long way from where it is now. All it takes is a little investment. Your investment is safe and guaranteed with maximum profit. Do not let go of this timeless opportunity. Seize it while it is available. Entrepreneurs, this is your ultimate window opportunity to win the business world. Call us now on 1300 558 766.

Classiest Escorts In Brisvegas

August 08, 2014

Brisbane? Make it the most unforgettable journey ever!

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Taking a trip to Brisbane? Make it the most unforgettable journey ever! Let our finest male escorts escort you to the heights of ultimate satisfaction. Our trained professional male escorts are not only smoking hot, but also masters of carnal pleasures. He will not only keep your sexual desires fulfilled, but also be your close companion throughout your journey. Our assurance for a discerning relationship is one of our highest customer values. Select your dream boy from our online gallery which features handsome straight, gay or bisexual males from Brisbane. Let him do the rest. Enjoy the best trip of your life.

Brisbane is quite famous for its scenic beauty. Specially, photographers from all around the globe find Brisbane a place not to be left un-captured. The capital of Queensland, Brisbane, is a subtropical paradise full of places to visit and things to do. Do not fear losing your money and time wandering without a clear understanding of the routes and the map of the city. Our male escorts will guide you through the city to give you a total travel experience in Brisbane. Do the best photo shoots in the city with the help of an escort. Our escorts are breathtakingly handsome that they are rated double as some top rated models in Australia.

Madesco Escorts is trusted by its thousands of customers around the world for its high quality service with best, handpicked male escorts. Your privacy is our top concern, next to ultimate satisfaction. Fulfill your wildest and untold sensations without being bothered about the outer world. Either Madesco or its escorts will not leak out any information regarding you to any external party under any circumstance. You will enjoy a completely confidential and personal relationship during your stay in Brisbane.

Call us now to book an escort on our 24/7 hotline. Once chosen and confirmed, your stunning model will visit your location and be at your service to cater to your wildest passions. As we have previously mentioned, escorts at Madesco are masters in what they do. It’s not just sex. Sometimes you want something more than sex, someone to be with you when you are alone and depressed. We understand you perfectly and so will our escort. He will make a great companion let you share your emotions with him. That is what we call a discerning, quality escort service. Enjoy your life with Madesco.

Welcome to a World of Ecstasy Tailored to Impress the Most Discerning Arab Gentleman

April 25, 2014

Welcome to a World of Ecstasy Tailored to Impress the Most Discerning Arab Gentleman | MADESCO ESCORTS

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مرحبا بكم في عالم من النشوة مصممة خصيصا لإقناع الرجل المحترم العربية أكثر وضوحا 

هل أنت حريص على الحصول على بعض المتعة الحميمة في يوم عطلة مع جميلة، سيدة أسترالية مرغوب فيه؟ 

Would you like to unwind on your business trip with the help of a smart, gorgeous and stylish Australian escort? Is it your first time visiting the Gold Coast?  Let our escorts show you some of that Australian hospitality and excitement!

ونحن نحب أن نراكم هنا في جولد كوست

Queensland’s Gold Coast is well known across the world for its glittering skyscrapers built around fabulous beaches, with entertainment opportunities difficult to top! Are you up for joining an adventurous ride in the realm of Luxury Australian escorts on the amazing Gold Coast? Madesco Exclusive offers you a fine selection of escorts who always aim to please, seduce and give you the style of pleasure you only ever dreamed of. Our stunning ladies can be found by browsing our exclusive escort gallery under “Gold Coast.”

هنا في Madesco الحصري، ونحن ملتزمون بتقديم الأثرياء، وزبائن أكثر وضوحا من المناطق العربية مع أفضل المرافقين في أستراليا.

 We take tremendous pride in hand picking our exclusive escorts so they satisfy the highest demands of excellence, ensuring our clients enjoy a truly unforgettable encounter. We are sensitive to the needs and requirements of men from Arab countries. We have selected only those escorts that are incredibly beautiful and well versed in the desires, fantasies, stimulation and seduction of Arab men. Immerse yourself in the glamour of the Gold Coast, while our beautiful escorts take you on an erotic adventure ensuring always that you are having the time of your life!

اخترنا فقط تلك مرافقين التي هي جميلة بشكل لا يصدق وضليعا في الرغبات، والأوهام، والتحفيز والإغواء من الرجال العرب.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or phone to make your bookings. We promise you’ll have a wonderful, stimulating time on the Gold Coast. Our astonishingly beautiful escorts will delight in introducing you to the Gold Coast life, while making you feel like a king, lavished in the sensuality of a feminine touch. Your intimate journey begins here at Madesco Escorts.

مرحبا بكم في السادة أستراليا. ونحن نحب أن نراكم، ونتطلع إلى مسلية لك.

Secure and Trust Worthy – Madesco Escorts, The Best in the Industry

February 16, 2014

Secure and Trust Worthy – Madesco Escorts, The Best in the Industry | MADESCO ESCORTS

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For some businesses, words like “the best” in the marketing mix come so easy, yet there is little evidence provided to support their claim. Here, at Madesco Escorts, we believe in first delivering the best and then talking about it. We believe in commitment to our client’s satisfaction and in providing a secure and trustworthy service. We make our proclamations when we know they are supported by the facts.

Madesco Escorts does indeed provide the best security in the industry. The SSL compliant seal and the Green Bar SSL Lock Certificate are proof of this. The green address bar is a recognized security icon on the internet. The seal on the right bottom corner of every page certifies Madesco Escorts as secure and authentic. Madesco Escorts is a business you can trust.

What does a SSL compliant site has to offer?

Usually SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins. Recently it is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites. The certificate binds together the domain name and the organizational identity and location, so you will feel confident at any time that the business does what they state they do, is who they claim to be and won’t just disappear overnight.

SSL Certificates offer the highest possible levels of security for customers, we wouldn’t have settled for anything less. Security, trust and complete dedication to customer support. Only the best for our clients from the best in the industry!