With Gold Coast Male Escorts You Will Never Be Disappointed Again

April 25, 2014

Gold Coast Male Escorts Will Never Disappointed Again | MADESCO ESCORTS

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Traveling to the Gold Coast in Australia? Looking for a model to feature in a photo shoot or maybe just some friendly companionship as you tour the area?

The Gold Coast is known is famous for fun. You can enjoy an array of activities, from spending time on the beach or head out on an adventure to explore the great outdoors. The possibilities are almost endless and the chances of finding the perfect location for a photo shoot are high. Along with a great location you can also find the perfect models from a selection of Gold Coast male escorts.

Many professional escorts also double as terrific models throughout Australia. Hired based on a combination of their appearance, personalities experience these Gold Coast male escorts can help take control of any fashion spread or shoot.

Along with being great models the escorts can also provide companion services for you should you find the need. A great way to explore the local area is with a friendly and knowledgeable escort. Being local to the Gold Coast they can help you find the hot spots of the nightlife and the best cafes around.

The escort service with the best high class escorts is Madesco Escorts. They offer a complete confidentiality guarantee so that no one has to know where you found your great model or companion. A 24 hour 7 days a week appointment setting system can also ensure that you can contact them about appointments at your leisure. They’re escorts are also outcall, meaning they will come to you.

The Salacious Sweets from the Southeast

April 25, 2014

The Salacious Sweets from the Southeast | MADESCO ESCORTS

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Located in the south east of Queensland, Australia is the coastal city which goes by the name of the Gold Coast.

The blondes, brunettes and the red heads roaming the nights in this city will certainly take away the sleep of your nights. Some of the most beautiful and brave girls near Gold Coast, Queensland are here to delight and pleasure you. And to gently make all your discomforts melt away. These girls are hard to stay away from. One glimpse and you are certain to fall for these beauties and their ways. Gorgeous, stylish and most importantly open thinkers, the girls who form a part of our elite escort services are sure to woo you for a long time to come. And if you happen to be one of our “hard to please” clients, then worry no more as the very sight of our girls is sure to make you weak in the knees.

Bookings can be done all throughout the day. Our escort services are available at your disposal 24*7 and the services rendered to clients is confidential and specific to the needs and wants of the same. Our Gold Coast, Queensland beauties will go out to you if you need them. This in turn implies that are escorts are outcall. If you seek sleazy yet sober companionship then do not feel hesitant to give us a call at the earliest. And as our girls will find you out and be by your side all the time, you save yourself the embarrassment of attending cheap little brothels. If you are looking for a good time and tired of all your daily mundane activities, you could decide to check in on us.

A great time is guaranteed for all clients who seek the services of our escorts as they will free your body and mind of all worries and disappointments. If you are looking for some attention down there or want a complete bodily experience then our Gold Coast, Queensland beauties will be more than happy to oblige. Our varied range of straight and bisexual escorts has been trained rigorously to provide you with the best and most exotic experiences that can be had.

Thus call us as we are available on telephone as well as on the internet for the experience to be had for a lifetime. Our Gold Coast, Queensland girls will definitely give you all the attention you will need. A great time is sure to follow.

Wanting To Book a Male Escort

April 25, 2014

Wanting To Book a Male Escort | MADESCO ESCORTS

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Guys, what would you do if you were looking for some male company in Australia.  Would you place an ad in the personals section, put something on Craigs List, go out cruising or even visit a brothel?

They all sound a little daunting don’t they!

Well there is another way.  At Madesco Escorts we have guys that are looking forward to your company now.  What is even better, you can browse our escorts and choose the one that suits your needs.  Whether it is for a dinner date, some social time or even much more, you can be sure to get what you require.  Our male escorts are carefully selected, all vetted and referenced to ensure that they are of the highest quality, both intellectually and physically. We have male escorts available all over Australia and of all ethnicities.  Whether you want a blond or brunette, a tall or short guy, bisexual or 100% gay partner, we are sure to have what you are looking for.

Why waste time indulging in email ping pong with personal ads, with scammers and fakes on Craigs List, locanto and backpage or the risks of cruising or brothels when you can guarantee a clean, reliable, date that is sure to turn up and give you a good time.  Our escorts are guaranteed to satisfy, they will respect your limits, and their limits will be made clear at the time of booking.

Our male escort profiles contain a set of genuine pictures, some statistics and a brief profile as well as the price for their time.  If the information you need to make your decision is not clear, then if you ask prior to booking, we will confirm with the escort to ensure that your experience is a good one.  Many of our male escorts work exclusively for Madesco Escorts so if you like what you see, this will be the only place to get it.

Should you require any extras from you Australian gay escort then these will be discussed at the time of booking. With the nature of any additional services offered being made perfectly clear , a price will always be provided up front and agreed with you.

Our escorts respect your privacy, and total discretion can be fully assured.  Both yours and your Australian gay escort details will remain anonymous and credit card payments will be handled sensitively.  After your booking, all of your details will be destroyed for your total reassurance and security.

Find Your Desires With Melbourne Male Escorts

February 27, 2014

Find Your Desires With Melbourne Male Escorts | MADESCO ESCORTS

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Melbourne, Cultural Capital of Australia, is a very popular destination in Australia. A city that has something for everyone, any vacation or business trip to Melbourne is sure to prove enjoyable. From a buzzing nightlife to an enchanting assortment of cafes and entrees any traveler can find something to spend their leisure time doing. Of course you should never have to enjoy these sights alone. Finding a Melbourne male escort that suits your tastes and desires at Madesco Escorts may be the perfect answer to lonely Melbourne nights and days.

High class courtesan escorts, like Alex and Jayson, can provide a number of services. Chosen based on their appearance, personalities and experience; these Melbourne male escorts can ensure a memorable passionate encounter. From accompanying you to social events to enjoying a night out on the town, or for a simple erotic encounter, Madesco Escorts have been professional picked to offer you a true relationship experience both inside and outside of the bedroom.

With 24 hour, 7 days a week booking, you can schedule your passionate encounter at the best time to is available to you. All of Madesco Escorts are also outcall, which means no trips to a brothel. You are also guarantied professional and confidentiality. The escorts range in sexuality also so that you can find a man, be he straight, gay or bi, to truly fit your needs. As any true courtesan, our escorts are both passionate and compassionate, and are devoted to satisfying to your every need.

Exploring Sydney With High Class Escorts

February 27, 2014

Exploying Sydney With High Class Escorts | MADESCO ESCORTS

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Sydney, Australia is a hot spot for travelers. Whether you are visiting on a business trip or just partaking in some much needed leisure time, your trip to this beautiful city is going to be memorable. If you find yourself needing a partner during your stay then you may be interested to know that some of the finest and highest qualified Sydney male escorts can be found at Madesco Escorts.

The escorts at Madesco Escorts have been picked from only the best high class escorts based on their personality, appearance and experience. This is to ensure that you, as a client, can truly experience and enjoy a passionate and erotic encounter. A male escort can be requested for a number of different engagements, from attending an event to exploring the city. Being local to the area an escort can show you the sites and offer a true relationship experience.

Madesco Escorts also prides themselves on keeping everything confidential between the company, the escort and the client. As the escorts are on outcall you can be ensured that the escort can come to you, and that you can avoid an awkward pickup at an undesired location. Madesco Escorts also has a 24/7 appointment setting so that you can call when the time is best for you.

The Sydney male escorts available range from straight, gay and bisexual, so finding a man to fit your needs and desires is no problem. So whether it is an adventure in hiking with Jayson or attending a social gathering with Elliot or with any of our high class escorts you are sure to have a pleasant memory of your stay in Sydney.

Canberra Male Escorts Provide Lasting Memories

February 27, 2014

Canberra Male Escorts Provide Lasting Memories | MADESCO ESCORTS

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Canberra, Capital city of Australia, is home to the Australian story. Whether you are a local or a visitor enjoying all that Canberra has to offer is a treat unto itself. You can tour local history or paint the town red while partaking in the local nightlife. Why enjoy any of these by yourself when one of the finest Canberra male escorts can be accompanying you along the way? Or perhaps you are more interested in a lively erotic encounter. The high class male escorts at Madesco Escorts are more than willing to cater to your every desire.

These escorts are chosen based on the combination of their personality, experience and appearance. As loving, intelligent and compassionate courtesans Canberra male escorts offer you a tantalizing experience. You have your choice of Madesco Exclusive escorts, Tyson, Jayson or Leshawn. A flirty bilingual, Jayson can flatter any man with his friendly and charming personality. Tyson, a natural with charm and wit, is sure to impress at any social gathering and after in a more private setting.

Along with their tantalizing escorts, Madesco Escorts also provides a confidential guarantee between the company, the escort and the client.

The escort of your choice will meet you at a desired location, removing any awkward pickups. With a 24/ booking system, you can setup your appointment at a time that is covenant to you.

Whether you are out for an evening of adventure, attending an event or are just looking for an enjoyable and passionate encounter, a companion of any finer class cannot be found.

Brisbane Male Escorts Cater To Your Needs

February 27, 2014

Brisbane Male Escorts Cater To Your Needs | MADESCO ESCORTS

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Brisbane, Capital of Queensland, Australia, is a gateway to a wide array of excitement. A subtropical paradise for photographers, Brisbane is home to exotic fauna and the winding Brisbane River. Whether you are visiting for a fashion shot or for some independent photography you will need a breathtaking model to help you along. Brisbane male escorts double as some of the top rated models found in Australia.

Some of the finest male escorts in Brisbane can be found through Madesco Escorts. These escorts have been handpicked to have just the perfect balance of expectance, a great personality and mouthwatering physic. With professional Brisbane male escorts modeling for you the show will be under control and sure to grab the attention of anyone looking. After the photo shoot you can even partake in Madesco Escorts companion services and attend an art show with your escort.

Brisbane male escorts also make great tour guides through the city. Being local to the area they can accompany you to some of the hidden jewels Brisbane has to offer. Your model may even be able to help you find the perfect location for your next photo shoot.

With escorts hired through Madesco Escorts you will never have to worry about word leaking out to anyone about where you found your stunning model, and with convenient 24/7 booking you can call to schedule an appoint at the best opportune time. As outcall escorts, the models will come to your location and be ready to cater to your desires.